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About Me


Sébastien Bernard is a poet and fiction writer from—and based in—Istanbul, Turkey. His works have appeared in over a dozen literary journals and magazines, including the Michigan Quarterly Review, Salamander, Prelude, Black Warrior Review, DIAGRAM, and Evergreen Review. His audiovisual poem—with footage edited by Sarah Huneidi—was featured in BARAKUNAN's Electronic Literature Day, and is available here.

His poetry MS, "GENTLE!", was a finalist for 3 awards. His translation of Noam Chomsky's conversations with Michael Albert has been published by Scala Press in Istanbul. He currently translates literary and sociological texts through KALEM Agency.

Sébastien also practices astrology. His reading method for birth charts synthesizes some of the oldest traditions of western astrology with modern phenomenology and dialectics. His approach is creative and cognitive, but most importantly, it's geared towards you and your needs.



Noam Chomsky & Michael Albert

Kalplerimizdeki Yeni Dünya


Original: “A New World in Our Hearts” (PM Press, 2022)

Tugay Karakuzu

“Representation and Traces of Kurdishness in the Movie The Road (YOL); A Contention With The Existence Of Real Kurdishness In The Cinema Of Turkey,” 20 pages


Original: “Yol Filmindeki Kürt Temsil Ve İzleri; Türkiye Sinemasında Gerçek Bir Kürt Varlığıyla Karşılaşma”


Over 100 project proposals for the 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial, on the subject of reclaiming the design manifesto for the 21st century.


From both Turkish to English, and English to Turkish

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Contact Me
Tel: +90 (533) 526 3229

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